Bring Comfort to Your Springfield, IL Home

With furnace repair and replacement services

Patrick Heating & Cooling, Inc. wants your home to stay cozy and comfortable this winter. When your furnace shows signs of breaking down, we’ll be there to get it back up and running in no time. Our Heil furnaces are some of the most reliable in the industry, and our contractors will make sure yours is installed correctly.

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3 signs your furnace needs repair

Do you suspect that your furnace is about to fail? Here are three common signs that your furnace might need to be repaired:
  1. It’s making strange noises. Our trained HVAC contractors will examine your system to find out what’s causing the noises, then get it back up and running smoothly.
  2. Your heating bill has increased, but your home doesn’t feel any warmer. This often means that there is a leak in your ductwork or your air filters need to be changed.
  3. You can smell gas. When this happens, turn off your furnace and the gas supply valve, then call Patrick Heating & Cooling.
Our HVAC contractors have your back when something goes wrong with your furnace. Call 217-891-4557 to schedule an appointment at your Springfield, IL home.